Spálov cottage

The atmosphere of a 100-year-old room

The cottage can be found next to the Hotel Spálov. The original house served as an office for the builder of the nearby bridge and dates back to the interwar period. Unpretentious guests can now find accommodation with outdoor seating in the garden.

The cottage provides accommodation for 8 people in 2 rooms.
Between the rooms there is a bathroom - toilet + new shower.

Amenities: fridge, crockery cupboard, basic utensils, historic washing up counter, electric hotplate cooker, outdoor kitchen with gas cooker, barbecue, covered outdoor seating and fire pit, small wood supply and fork for toasting.

* bed linen is included in the accommodation price

** stay fee is 20 CZK for each started day of the stay per person




Mon-Sun 9-18

Spálov 27, 513 01 Semily

responsible person: Tomáš Koudelka

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